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Innovation & project management software for collecting, curating, and implementing ideas.

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More Ideas and Better Product

Involve stakeholders from all sides of your business to collaborate, refine, and prioritize the best ideas. Empower company-wide innovation, foster a culture of ownership, and improve products, processes, and customer satisfaction.

Stay Organized and Connected

Work with your team together in one space to break down department, language, and geographic barriers. Stay on top of things across different teams and projects with easy tracking and comprehensive roadmap.

High Return on Investment

Manage day to day tasks with a vision. Get the job done, while create the next big thing with people who know your business the best. Incremental changes plus breakthrough innovations, generate billions of dollars in return.

How it works

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Ideate & Collect

Harness the collective innovative power of your organization by allowing anyone to submit an idea, openly or anonymously. Find and prioritize the best ideas to implement, and turn them into tasks to realise them.
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Plan & Organize

Create projects within your teams to manage your workflow. You can use projects for just about anything, from managing sprints, deadline-driven scheduling, ongoing processes, or storing backlog.
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Visualize & Implement

Switch between list, board, or calendar view to visualize your work. Use list view to prioritize tasks and assign them. Use board view to identify the stages of the tasks and focus on things at hand. Use calendar view to map out tasks over time and give the entire team a common vision to work towards.

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